Sign Of The Times - It's More Than Just A Sign

It's obvious that neon art has gained a newfound popularity with the help of social media (Instagram mostly) and mood board sites like Pinterest.  Mass image sharing online makes it easy for images of some of our favorite pieces of neon art to loose the attached credit of the artist and makers.  As I scroll through Instagram and Pinterest, I see thousands of neon art profiles and collections populated with some very familiar works and some new.  The sad thing, however, is that the artists and makers of these works are rarely credited.

You may be thinking, "So what?  People are sharing and liking and that's good for you.  Why should I care?"  Yes, the sheer excitement from people about neon and the sharing of works online certainly helps to foster a demand of our trade, but there are palpable downsides to this popularity.  The downsides have become a topic of conversation among the industry and a feeling shared by benders around the world. 

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