Kate Hush and Stephanie Sara Lifshutz join LGBT start up, Fag Signs

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FagSigns was born from the desire to reclaim my words, our words, your words and electrify them physically as well as metaphorically. The company is a neon outlet specializing in personalized words and phrases in addition to everything fabulous. We want to take on projects that create visibility and work with clients that support the LGBTQ+ ecosystem while simultaneously creating economic empowerment. 

The dream is to start an apprenticeship program. This program will see an intake of those who might face barriers in the traditional job market and provide pathways to meaningful work and broader opportunities. The primary mission of this initiative is to afford individuals the ability to skill up and work in a creative environment while receiving support for transportation, community lunches, and a living wage in New York City. It is easy to take care of your staff if they matter to you. 

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