Danielle James - djneonart

Danielle is a native Delawarean, neon artist, metalsmith, and curator. She has her BFA and MFA in metalsmithing and jewelry design from Millersville University and East Carolina University. Last January, Danielle moved to Raleigh to begin an apprenticeship in neon at Glas studio. She settled in, and did what any other modern single woman would do: she created OKCupid and Tinder accounts. After a cornucopia of good, bad, and baffling interactions, she was inspired to combine the most memorable moments from the 30+ dates she went on, and the numerous online messages she received, with her work at Glas. Crude and clumsy come-ons such as, "You here to Hang or Bang?" or, "Why you not want kids for?" have all been immortalized in neon. The result? A Sign of the times is at once a luminous investigation into the current state of courtship in the 21st century, and a relatable reflection on how modern-day dating can sometimes feel like a Tunnel of Love ride at a toxically masculine state fair from which there is no escape.

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