She Bends at Var West Gallery, Milwaukee

Documentation from She Bends at Var West Gallery in Milwaukee.
The exhibition is open until March 23rd. Pay us a visit if you are in the area!
Var West Gallery is located on 423 W Pierce Street, Milwaukee WI, 53204.
Opening hours: Friday, Saturday 11am - 4pm or by appointment.
All works are for sale.

All photos by Cristina Ossers.


Brooke Barttelbort


“All that Glitters” by Brooke Barttelbort, Neon, $5,000



Blind Eye” by Sarah Blood, Convex mirror, neon, VHS Tape, $5,000

“Enough” by Sarah Blood, Sequin fabric, neon, paint, $ 5,000



Dani Bonnet


“Call me Dany & I’ll call you Dani”, by Dani Bonnet, Neon on plexi, $525



Robin Clason


“Shapes my hips make when I circle them in the air” by Robin Clason, Neon, Plexiglass, $650



Eve De Haan

“Make A Decision” by Eve De Haan, Neon in perspex casting, $4,545



Teresa Escobar

“That Purple Life” by Teresa Escobar, 10mm & 8mm filled with argon and mercury, $1,500


“Plus We’re Not Perfect” by Teresa Escobar, 10mm glass filled with neon gas, $2,300


“Fake” by Teresa Escobar, 10mm glass filled with Argon and Mercury, $2,800


Ali Feeney


“It’s the Vermonter in you” by Ali Feeney, painted neon, $800


Eve Hoyt


“Devil May Care” by Eve Hoyt, Neon with found objects, $900

“Hypnoeye” by Eve Hoyt, Neon, $800


Marjorie Inman


“Coffee?” by Marjorie Inman, Neon on acrylic, $ 1,500

“Raspberry Cadillac” by Marjorie Inman, Neon on acrylic, $1,250


Danielle James

“Female Gaze” by Danielle James, Neon, PVC plastic, $3,000


Koko Jamison


1 800 She Bends Call Me by Koko Jamison, Glass, neon, paint, wood, electronics, $575


Kacie Lees


A few new rips (7 fissures)” by Kacie Lees, Neon, cable, transformers, $2,800


Stephanie Sara Lifshutz

forced apology (What I say but shouldn’t) by Stephanie Sara Lifshutz, Neon sign, $2,300.00

What I Want to Say but don’t” by Stephanie Sara Lifshutz, neon sign, $1200


Leticia Maldonado

“Come What May” by Leticia Maldonado , $2,100


Lily Reeves Montgomery


“Landscape Lightning” by Lily Reeves, Argon filled glass, acrylic mirror, LED, acrylic, $5,000


Andrea Oleniczak


“AND THEN” by Andrea Oleniczak, $4,500


Amy Palms

“Consent” by Amy Palms,Mixed media sculpture: antique wooden drawer, glass tubes filled with argon gas, $4,000


Meryl Pataky

“Glass Cinder 1” by Meryl Pataky


Linda Sue Price


“Five Lines” by Linda Sue Price, Neon mixed media, $1,800


Olivia Steele


Ego (Birdcage) by Olivia Steele, Hand blown & colored neon, vintage birdcage, plexiglass, $6,500


Megan Stelljes

“This Shit is Bananas” by Megan Stelljes, Glass and neon, $4,500

“Is That a Banana in Your Pocket” by Megan Stelljes, glass and neon, $1,800


Harriet Schwarzrock

"Between Movement & Stillness, Pink over Uranium" by Harriet Schwarzrock, blown glass, pink uranium filled with neon and xeon, white perspex, wall hang/rail, neon driver, power supply, $2,200

“Between Movement & Stillness” by Harriet Schwarzrock, Blown glass, pale scarlet filled with neon & argon, black perspex, wall hang - split rail, neon driver, power supply,


Next Stop - Milwaukee

We are excited to announce that the She Bends exhibition will be traveling to Milwaukee, this time with fresh work and a couple of new additions to our roster. The exhibition will open on January 19th, 2019 at Var West Gallery. We are excited to see neon covered walls juxtaposing snow on the ground as well as the opportunity to showcase in an area where our industry has many members. Stay tuned here for updates on programing such as artist talks and demos.

'“Glass Cinder 1” by Meryl Pataky

'“Glass Cinder 1” by Meryl Pataky

Var West Gallery, Milwaukee

January 19th, 2019

Exhibition Roster

Sarah Blood // Brooke Barttelbort // Dani Bonnet

Robin Clason // Eve De Haan // Tory Di Pietro

Teresa Escobar // Ali Feeney // Emma-Kate Hart

Michie Hongo // Eve Hoyt // Marjorie Inman

Danielle James // Koko Jamison // Kacie Lees

Stephanie Sara Lifshutz // Hannah Mace // Leticia Maldonado

Lily Reeves Montgomery // Andrea Oleniczak // Amy Palms

Meryl Pataky // Linda Sue Price // Olivia Steele //

Megan Stelljes // Harriet Schwarzrock


she bends San Francisco x the midway


April 2018

The second stop on the She Bends tour was San Francisco’s The Midway, a creative complex hosting events that span music, culinary and art disciplines. The largest programing for She Bends to date, Midway hosted headlining musicians, panel discussions, happy hours, neon demos and a salon dinner in conjunction with the show.

We are happy to announce that The Midway will host a 2nd annual She Bends in 2019. Check back here for updates.

See Midway show