Sarah Blood -

Born in the UK, Sarah Blood is a mixed media artist whose work combines the density of materials such as concrete and clay with the perceived fragility of glass, inert gas, and light. Blood creates sophisticated and elegant works that question definitions of strength and permanence.

While the work evokes personal and human qualities, her forms are inspired by natural phenomena, science, geometric abstraction, and post-minimalist sensibilities.

Blood’s work is elegant and sophisticated. She is in a universe by herself when it comes to the marriage of neon to glass and sculpture. Hers is the best neon work that I have ever seen.

F. Lenox Campello, DC Art News

Since earning her MA in Glass in 2003 from the University of Sunderland, Blood has exhibited throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, as well as Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. 
She has exhibited with PlusArts Projects alongside contemporary artists including Jake and Dinos Chapman, Sarah Lukas, Tracey Emin, Stik and Franko B.

Sarah has enjoyed an active studio practice since 1999 and is currently Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Alfred University, New York USA.

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